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Introduction to Commercial Real Estate

Introduction to Commercial RE:


Taught by Sherman Ragland

Sherman Ragland has been credited with bringing a whole new generation into the exciting field of profitable real estate investing in and around the Greater Washington, DC region. He has personally been involved in over $150 million in commercial real estate development projects since graduating from the MBA Program at the Wharton School in 1986, and over $5,0 in real estate asset sales.

Mr. Ragland's first project was a 2,223 acre land development in Northern Virginia, now known as Lansdowne, VA, where he was “Employee #2 at Lansdowne.  Back then in the mid-80’s he was responsible for doing both the initial financial feasibility and all of the accounting and reporting back to headquarters for Xerox Realty Corp.<- Yes, even big companies realize the value of investing in their own commercial real estate. After a couple of promotions to project manger, he was hired away to the Oliver T. Carr Co, a leading developer in the Washington, DC region. He quickly realized that the money in real estate is not being the employee of a successful firm, although they did reward their employees well, no – it was in owning the commercial properties! Which is why when the door to opportunity opened wide for him, he did not “Go back to get his bags."

Today, with partners, Mr. Ragland is involved in several commercial property transactions including the development of a 22-acre parcel in Bowie, MD (literally 3 minutes from his house) and several projects in downtown Baltimore, MD, and Prince George's County, MD.

He plans on not only sharing his 20+ years of experience, but also sharing with you what is currently occurring in the commercial property and land development markets. Forces that lead him to believe that we are about to experience the “ Perfect Storm” in price run-ups that will ultimately occur over the next few years to make even the most novice investor incredibly wealthy over the next 5-7 years.

NOT single family-houses type of “comfortable”, but the kind of rich that only comes when you are making $575,000, or more, on each and every deal. If you do the math, it does not take long to be in a position to shape the type of life you may have only dreamed about, but several people we know, personally, live every single day this way.


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