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Written by Charles Petty   
Wednesday, 24 February 2010 14:45

Why Wholesaling Real Estate Online is Making Investors Rich

In today’s real estate market foreclosures and motivated sellers are everywhere. So what is the best money making strategy for you as an investor? That would be wholesaling the properties.

What is wholesaling?

Wholesaling is finding a bargain property and passing it on to another investor. That investor will either buy and hold the property or they will buy and resell it. The property can be a single family home, a multi family home, land, lots, commercial buildings, apartment buildings, pre-construction homes, condos or even new homes. It is simply finding a bargain property and passing it on to a bargain hunter.

That bargain hunter will be an investor who will either purchase the property to resell it or purchase it to hold it for rental income. Your profit as a wholesaler should be between $5000 and $30,000 on each house. In some cases it will be higher than $30,000 and on some deals your profit may be a little lower than $5,000.

Now virtual wholesaling takes this concept to a whole new level. Virtual wholesaling is wholesaling on steroids! It is using the power of the internet and technology to wholesale properties. These properties can be in your own market or they can be in other markets across the USA. Now what really explodes your business in today’s market is the ability to use the internet and technology to find deals AND to sell these deals to buyers all across the USA and even into other countries like Canada, England, New Zealand, China and more!

There are several investors in states across the USA and foreign investors that see the discounted properties in today’ s market and are looking for a consistent source of these deals. That’s where you, as the virtual wholesaler come in!

Here are 3 keys to building a Six or Seven Figure Virtual wholesaling business:

1) Building a hungry buyers list that will buy properties from you over and over again. You can find and prescreen buyers using several of what we call “New School Real Estate Tools” such as websites, podcasting, autoresponders, blogs, membership sites, article submitting, video marketing and more.

2) Building a virtual team that can help run and grow your business without you being involved in all the day to day operations. You use virtual assistants in the USA or abroad that will explode the growth of your business.

3) Finding and pre-screening great deals in your own market and/or in other parts of the country. There are several resources online that can help you find deals, determine value all from the comfort of your own home and in about 10 minutes!

Virtual real estate investing and especially virtual wholesaling is the wave of the future. These concepts can help you do 1 deal, 3 deals, 10 deals or more per month…in today’s market or in any real estate market.

This can lead to six figure profits in your first year in the business! In order to succeed in today’s market you have to be on the cutting edge. Using the concepts of Virtual Wholesaling will put you n the cutting edge and also put money in your pocket!

Real Estate Investing Expert, Charles Petty has been involved in over 700 real estate transactions in the last 9 years and is the creators of the Ultimate Turn Key Virtual Real Estate Investing Systems that work in any real estate market.

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